Basic rules both (DGM) (GM) Normal players

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Basic rules both (DGM) (GM) Normal players Empty Basic rules both (DGM) (GM) Normal players

Post by RawProdigy on Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:38 am

DGMS-GMS rules
1. Do NOT talk about other private servers.
2. No harassing each other
3. Please help each other out, if you see that someone is having a problem and you have a solution, help them.
4. No interrupting other gms events unless they ask for help
5. Do not trade or giving out tag items to players
6. No selling or buying of items from players
7. Give warnings before jail/ban someone and put reason
8. No wrapping players even if they ask to
9. No muting or jailing players for no reason or for a bad reason, bad reason = "YOUR EVENT SUX"
10.No abusing of power
11.No making of items that start with 302 or 380
12.Do not use !notice for non-important purposes
13.No transferring items for players
14.Do not warp players to GM map
15.Do not use profane language/cussing over smegas
16.Have evidence/ss for everything
17.No sharing account
18.No continuous cussing over !say. No spamming too.
GM/DGM have 2 warnings before they get demoted

Rules for players
1.No hacking.
2.No Packet Editing.
3.Do not use profane language/cussing over smegas
4.No WZ editing
5.No begging for Items.
6.No begging for events.
7.Don't harass players or staff members.
8.Don't abuse glitches or exploits. If you find one, report it and you'll be rewarded, depending if the bug was found already of course.
9.Don't swear constantly.
10.If a GM tells you to stop, then stop.
11.Don't disturb the peace.
12.Don't advertise on other servers
13.Do not disrespecting the staff members and others
14.No scamming other players.


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