Bug with Aran?

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Bug with Aran? Empty Bug with Aran?

Post by Orphen144 on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:16 pm

I have no idea if this is for all Arans or just me. I tried to submit a message in game, but the chat box won't let me type something long enough.

Basically, I can't get the quest to get the 2nd job for Aran. I'm well above level 30 by now. I had gotten the quest originally, but I had to relog because it wouldn't let me add skill or stat points. After relogging, the quest was gone from my quest log, and the girl didn't have the quest to give it to me. It's not even in Available Quests anymore. So what's going on?


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Bug with Aran? Empty Re: Bug with Aran?

Post by Coco on Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:57 pm

Hi Orphen144 and welcome to SherazMS, You dont need to wait for quest in order to job advance. Just talk to duey NPC in FM, who is the main job advancing NPC in SherazMS.
As for the skill maxing, you can go to Mad Bunny NPC which does your skills for you.

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Bug with Aran? Empty Re: Bug with Aran?

Post by Sheraz on Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:07 am

Do as Coco has suggested. Also, if you experience random UN-maxing of skills, speak to Amos in FM to fix that!

Thanks and enjoy your stay

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Bug with Aran? Empty Re: Bug with Aran?

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