Equips purchase + Job Adv + Skill Max

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Equips purchase + Job Adv + Skill Max

Post by Sheraz on Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:43 am


Type @fm to visit the Free Market Entrance instantly and also to visit our new additions:

Mr. Moneybags -- Sells all equips and items (pots, smegas, etc.)
[Note: MANY more equips\items need to be added still. This is being done manually Sad]

Mr. Oh -- Provides ALL job advances
[NOTE: If you choose the explorer class in the character creation menu, you will ONLY be given the explorer jobs when trying to job advance. Same goes for Resistance and other classes]

Mad Bunny -- Maxes your skills by job, not just all of them!
[NOTE: Enables hidden skills that are usually acquired from quests]

Please suggest further additions to add to the FM along with other features you guys want to see. Stay tuned!!

Thank you and enjoy!

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